9-5-20 – MaxInk Radio – Hour 1


Rob Roberts

in the air chair sitting in while Rökker and Jimmy K are looking for Q (Star Trek)

Tune in for an exciting show full of local music from artists like:
Noah James Hittner,
Jason D. Petitt Music,
Kelsey Miles,
Kirstie Kraus,
The Ryan McGrath Band,
The Jeffrey James Show,
Jake Dodds,
Frank Busch,
Tracy Jane Comer,
The Mark David Group,
Invisible Cartoons,
Pine Travelers,
Jesse Lopez,
Jay Matthes,
BackYard Stompers,
Gin Mill Hollow,
JC Ayer,
Jackie Ernst,
Andy Braun,
Fox and Bones,
The Earthlings,
Mackenzie Moore,
The Mascot Theory,
Gin, Chocolate and Bottle Rockets,
Sheep and Wolves,
Cyclops Cow,
Earth to Clark,
The People Brothers Band,
Karen Wheelock,
BingBong Band,
2 AM,
Katie Scullin,
Eric Hutchinson,
The Getaway Drivers

and more!

Unplug from Politics and tune in to

TALK 92.7 FM

Madison from 6-9 PM on Saturday, September 5th and Sunday, September 6th.

Kirstie Kraus
Gin, Chocolate and Bottle Rockets
Karen Wheelock by Intellesence
Katie Scullin by Laura Zastrow
Mackenzie Moore
Kelsey Miles
Tracy Jane Comer
Bing Bong
Stream online at Maxinkradio.com, just click “Listen”.