4-25-20 – MaxInk Radio – Hour 2

Max Ink Radio Show for Apr 25, 2020
Saturday & Sunday 6-9 PM

Listen on Apr 25 and Apr 26 from 6-9 PM:
92.7 FM in Madison
101.7 FM in Milwaukee
Streaming Worldwide @ www.maxinkradio.com
Archives: www.maxinkradio.com

Interviews With:
Joey B. Banks
Wise Jennings
Erik Kjelland from The Mascot Theory
Biff Blumfumgagnge
Blyth Gamble
Chemical Valley
The Jeffrey James Show

New Music From: WheelHouseJourdan Hines Music

Plus Music From: Dana PerryBeth KilleMichele ZacconeLou Shields MusicTroye Shanks, James von Lenz, Zero Basement, The Mascot Theory, Squarewave, Blyth Gamble, Troye Shanks, Bryan Drewyor Music with Humble Tree, Chemical Valley, The Jeffrey James Show, Michele Zaccone, Lou Shields Music

PLUS poetry by FlowPoetry

Featured Photos:
Joey B. Banks by Unknown
Wise Jennings by Lauren Hedges Photography
The Mascot Theory by John Connell
Chemical Valley by Mike Smith

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Devil Radio
4-25-20 – MaxInk Radio – Hour 2