11-11-17 The Earl Ingram Show – Hour 2

Today on a Saturday addition of the “Earl Ingram Show”. In the face of all of the money spent and all of the programs directed towards the central city WHY ? have things not improved.We will have an in depth discussion on WHY ? WHY? has Milwaukee become the worst place in America for black people to live ?
Do those sitting at the table ? have the answers to the myriad of complex issues facing our community.We will examine these questions and answer them from 12 noon to 3 pm on my show. The guest will be Damon Dorsey, developer investment group DIG/entrepreneur,worked in city government for years in studio. On the line Marin Pratt,former Common Council president and Alderman for over 15yrs,former Mayor,County Exec and life long resident of this city.From North Carolina former Alderman of 12yrs,and Atty. Fred Gordon life long Milwaukee resident.We will also be joined by NAACP President Fred Royal another life long residentYou can join the discussion Toll Free at (844)967-2789 or stream us live at www.newtalk1510am.com.





Devil Radio
Devil Radio
11-11-17 The Earl Ingram Show - Hour 2