1-2-18 The Earl Ingram Show – Hour 1

Happy New Year we have been blessed to see another one. The evil consequences of time claimed many of my friends in 2017. As the years go by in warp speed, you began to face your own mortality. I don’t do New Year resolutions, but 2018 I feel an urgency to fight harder for those who don’t have a voice. Anyone who knows me will say you have always done that? My response is, things have gotten progressively worse, and require more direct action. We live in a nation that has abandoned the POOR,CHILDREN, ELDERLY and MINORITY.
This nation and its leadership has been taken over by the few, it is BANKRUPT and headed for DESTRUCTION. I plan to use the platform that has been given to me to continue to make people aware of what’s taking place, and what must be done. Elected officials must show more courage in representing the people, if we are to see a change in the direction of our city and state.
If you don’t understand the urgency of NOW!! YOU should get out of the way and allow those who have the COURAGE to stand up and fight for the FUTURE of the people. !!!!




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Devil Radio
1-2-18 The Earl Ingram Show - Hour 1